FREE TOTE over 400 aed purchase - 3-5 business days delivery in UAE - WORLDWIDE DELIVERY

Why is it called Handmade?

All our creations are designed and handmade in Dubai. Each piece is assembled manually and is unique.

For how long the collections are available on the website for sale?

Each collection is limited with only a few pieces available, each one is unique and handmade. Every 6 months, we launch new collections and old ones aren't available anymore.

When can I expect my order ?

Delivery in Dubai will take 3 to 5 business days.

What about the next day delivery option?

If you can't wait to receive your order, you can choose the next day delivery option.

Cost of the next day delivery is 50 aed.

How much is the shipment fee?

Dubai : If your total order is over 300 aed, shipping cost is free. If your order is under 300 aed, the shipping fees are 25 aed.

Cost of the next day delivery is 50 aed.

France & Belgium delivery : the shipping cost if set at 100 aed per order.

Can I return my parcel ?

We offer return of your jewel if there is any defect. You can contact us directly on our Instagram page, we will be happy to assist.

How to choose the correct size for elastic bracelets ?

For women :

 Size of your wrist


14 cm

15 cm  

16 cm  

17 cm 18-19 cm

Recommended Carambola size

XS(14cm) S(15cm) M(16cm) L(17cm) XL(18cm) XXL(20cm)


 For men :

 Size of your wrist  15 cm  16 cm  17 cm  18 cm  19 cm
Recommanded Carambola size  S(16 cm) M(17cm) L(18 cm) XL(19cm) XXL(20cm)

How to choose the correct size for elastic ankle bracelets ?

 Size of your ankle

22-23 cm 

24-25 cm  

 26-27 cm 

Recommended Carambola size




How to contact us ?

You can contact us on Instagram : Carambola.creations